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Leslie Thomson for Mayor of Gibsons Welcomes You

Expect Great Changes

Today is a new day. Welcome to the official site of Leslie Thomson for Mayor of Gibsons, your source of information including upcoming events, information on the issues, history and background, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding Leslie Thomson for Mayor of Gibsons and how they are fighting for change and progress.

Why Your Vote Counts

Sea side Character being maintained
Walk on Sea Bus introduced in the near future
Sea walk with walking, cycling and assisted area
Restaurants and shops
Trollies service from Langdale to Gibsons
Infrastructure improvements
Youth care and adult well being
Mental health assistance and care
Looking after small medium and large businesses
Maintaining and improving the environment and making it a sustainable living place
Expanding on new development with parks, services and amenities within

Ferries travel
Free transit for seniors
Rental Cap on housing
Open for Business
Bring in the tourist
Make Gibsons a liveable destination for the younger generation that work in Vancouver
Kids are our Future
A safe heaven for All
Sea wall with walking bicycle paths
Seabus foot pax to Vancouver
Frequent ferry services lesser wait times
Seniors housing and affordability
Infrastructure with town
Trollie service between Langdale and GIBSONS.

This is a great place to revive human spirit

Moving forward together as a community!


Gibsons, BC, Canada


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